10 MustSee Dance Acts at HARD Summer 2017

publish date: 2017-08-04
source: billboard

As the dance music community continues to reel from the news that HARD founder Gary Richards will not continue his contract with Live Nation, and will therefore give up control of the event company he built from the ground up for a decade, we turn our attention to the most important detail: HARD Summer 2017 will be one of the craziest parties HARD has ever seen, because it's kind of the last legitimate one we're gonna get.
This is Richards' going away party. He's got all his best friends on the bill. There are old faces and new. It's just about guaranteed to be a legendary circus. Tickets are still on sale, but it's right around the corner, coming to the Glen Helen Amphitheater and Regional Park Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 5 and 6. We want you to head in there fully informed and walking in the right direction.
There is so much talent on this lineup. Choosing 10 acts to highlight was, well, incredibly HARD. We decided to assume you'll see Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle performed in full -- because duh -- and we're in general focusing on the dance acts, just to make things easier. Every moment of this will likely be magic, but we're certain if you manage to catch these acts in particular, you're guaranteed to walk away a changed human.
Dog Blood
Only a fool would miss this rare chance to catch Skrillex and Boys Noize as evil noise duo Dog Blood. This is what it sounds like when metal-head b-boys make techno in the year 3017. This will be an aural onslaught of epic proportions. Wigs will fly. Bodies will flail. Skrillex will do a lot of jumping, There will be blood on the mosh-pit floor. It will be the stuff of legends.

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